Understanding your needs will help you choose a system that's easy to use and keeps your memories safe

In today’s digital world, the photo organizing software, app, and cloud service options are endless. Because it's overwhelming and we're nervous about losing our memories, we find ourselves hopping from system to system or using multiple systems, hoping that one of them will keep our photos safe. Unfortunately, when managing your photos, this creates kind of a mess. Identifying your priorities and using that information to choose a photo organizing system with intention will help you select one that is easy to use, and one you will want to maintain.

This course is for you if...

  • you're overwhelmed by the number of options on the market, from photo organizing software/apps to cloud services

  • you want to know what to look for in a photo organizing system

  • you need advice and information on where to safely store your memories

  • you need direction on easy ways to manage your phone photos

  • you want a system recommendation that aligns with your technology, your skills, and your life

  • you want a recommendation on how and where to backup your memories

Let's touch some hearts

Holly Corbid is the founder and owner of Capture Your Photos, where she helps families celebrate life, tell stories and touch hearts with their photo collections by helping them to organize, preserve and share their lifetime of memories. Holly is a certified professional Photo Manager who works both 1-1 with clients and is the creator of The Photo Organizing Blueprint, an online course that offers a step-by-step guide to organizing both your digital and printed memories.

This mini-course includes...

20 minutes of focused video instruction covering how to select a photo organizing system with intention

  • checklist of things a good photo organizing system should do

  • 3 questions that will help you choose a system that matches your photo needs and priorities, from technology to how you want to access your photos

  • photo organizing system and process options based on the 3 photo personalities that we see most often in our clients

  • a tool to help you identify your photo personality that provides customized for you recommendations on photo storage, getting photos off of your phone, and backup

  • access to the Photo Organizing Blueprint Private Facebook Group for questions and support

The Course Lessons...

    1. What to look for in a photo organzing system

    2. Identifying your photo needs and priorities

    3. Goals + Photo Storage

    4. Photo organizing system options

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. Your feedback is invaluable...

    1. Resource Guide

    2. $50 off The Photo Organizing Blueprint

How to Select a Photo Organizing System

  • $39.00

A guide to rediscovering the joy and keeping your memories safe

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