If you're overwhelmed with your digital photos and don't know where to start, you're in the right place

Getting your photos organized is on everyone's list, but actually getting it done is next level. Let's get you there with a practical, easy-to-follow guide designed specifically to take away the overwhelm and give you the peace of mind of knowing your photos are backed up and safe now and for future generations. When you can easily find and access your memories, your opportunity to use them to touch hearts (including your own!) is endless. Let's uncover the joy your photos can bring.

Feel the difference.

Having organized photos can make you feel lighter. Holly Corbid, Certified Professional Photo Manager, has taken 13+ years of experience helping all types of people organize all types of collections. She's broken the project down into an easy-to-digest, 5-step process that includes how to consolidate your digital photos from all the places (cloud sites, computers, CD/DVDs, etc.), how to remove the duplicates, and how to get organized so you can find things. She'll also demystify 'the cloud' and help you select the right photo system for you. Need help managing your phone photos? We got you! She'll talk backup and how to maintain your collection once it's organized so you can focus on your busy life.

This course is for you if...

  • you're overwhelmed with the number of photos you have in multiple places, as well as the number of choices there are from cloud services to software to apps

  • you're nervous about losing your memories to technical fails and you'd sleep better if you knew your memories were safe and backed up

  • you're phone is blowing up with too many photos and/or you're out of storage space on your computer

  • you need some simple language around the technology

  • you don't have time to google it all and need a solution that will help you fast-track the process

  • you want to be able to find your memories again without scrolling all day long

  • you're looking for an instructor with years of experience working with all types of clients and collections and a course that reflects that

  • you're interested in a solution that considers the future of digital memories and how they'll be used, shared, and enjoyed

The online course includes:

  • 1.5 hours of self-paced video training broken down into bite-size segments

  • Step-by-step checklist for organizing your digital photos

  • Workbook that includes written instructions, notes, and more

  • Bonus material with tips, how-tos, and additional resources

  • Direct access to the instructor through the Photo Organizing Blueprint Private Facebook Group for questions and support

  • Opportunity to access 1-1 coaching sessions to help you get the job done

Here's what's covered...

    1. Introduction and Meet the instructor

    2. 1.2 How The Digital Photo Organizing Blueprint works

    3. 1.3 Before you get started...

    4. The Digital Photo Organizing Blueprint Workbook

    5. The Digital Photo Organizing Blueprint Checklist

    1. What you'll need

    2. Taking Inventory

    3. Photo Personality Survey

    1. Step 1: Select a location for your digital hub

    2. Step 2: Consolidate your digital photos

    3. Step 3: Deduplicate your digital photos

    4. Step 4: Organize and Clean up your digital photos

    5. Photo Organizing Systems

    6. Step 5: Back up your digital photos

    1. Cleaning up your old files

    2. Maintaining your new library

    1. Thank you!

    2. Your Feedback is Appreciated!

    3. Additional Support

    1. Tips for Windows 11 File Explorer and Photos App

    2. Tips for Windows 10 File Explorer and Photos App

    3. How to use Google Takeout for downloading photos

    4. OneDrive Quick tips for managing your photos

    5. CYP's Favorite Photo Products and Resources


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The Digital Photo Organizing Blueprint - PC version

Includes The Digital Photo Organizing Blueprint Course (PC users) + Blueprint Facebook Group

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    The Digital Photo Organizing Blueprint-PC version

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Need help with your printed photos, too?

Our Signature Course, The Photo Organizing Blueprint, helps you organize all of your memories including your digital photos, your printed photos, your old media like slides and home movies, and your memorabilia.


  • How do I know if I can do this myself?

    It's true. Organizing your digital photos can be a little challenging because...technology. If you follow our step-by-step process, know the basics of cutting/copying/pasting on your PC, you can do this. Where the technology sometimes gets in the way is during the consolidation phase of the project, but rest assured, if you need support, we're here for you.

  • What kind of support is available if I need help?

    If you need help, all course participants have access to The Photo Organizing Blueprint Facebook Group for questions and feedback, which Holly (instructor) personally monitors daily. We also offer Individual Coaching sessions. If you decide you want someone to do all or some of the work for you, we've got you. You can learn more about our services at: https://www.captureyourphotos.com/services

  • What photo organizing systems or software do you cover? Does the course focus on one cloud service or system?

    One of the mistakes people make when they're organizing their photos is jumping right into a system. Before we talk systems and cloud services, we focus on tackling the root of the problem, which is consolidating, cleaning up, and backing up your photos. From there, we help you identify a system that works with your needs and priorities. For some, that means a simple system in a folder structure. For others, that means a cloud service like OneDrive or Dropbox. We know that digital memories are the future, so we focus on systems that will keep your photos safe and accessible now and for years to come.

  • I see there are bonuses. What are they?

    As my gift to you for purchasing this course, I'm giving you several tools and how-tos that will help you accomplish your photo organizing tasks. They include things like tip sheets for Windows File Explorer/Microsoft Photos, How to use Google Takeout, and Quick tips for using Microsoft OneDrive.

  • What sets this digital photo organizing course apart?

    Holly's experience. Digital photos have only been a part of most of our lives since the mid 2000s. Holly has been helping people organize their digital photos since 2010. She's taken years of experience working with all types of clients and collections and designed a course that provides practical solutions and processes for everyone from the basic tech users, to the busy mom, to the amateur photographer.

  • What if I also want to learn how to organize my printed photos and old home movies?

    If you want to learn how to organize your whole memory collection, I would recommend our signature course, The Photo Organizing Blueprint, which covers both your printed and digital photos and videos, along with a lesson on scanning, digitizing your old home movies and slides, and organizing your memorabilia. We also offer a mini-course on How to Sort your Printed Photos.

  • Is the information in this course in line with best practices in the photo management industry?

    Definitely. Holly is certified by and an active member of 'The Photo Managers', the world’s leading educational community in the rapidly growing field of photo management. She has presented multiple times at international conferences for the organization. Because she specializes in digital photo organizing in her business, she stays current on the latest trends in the field.

  • What if I buy the course and it isn't working for me?

    I hope that doesn't happen, but if so, please reach out for support. Refunds can be requested within 30 days of purchase.

  • What if I'm a Mac user, can I take this course?

    If you can sit tight, we're working on a Mac version of this course. This course is focused on instructions for Microsoft Windows users, so I wouldn't recommend that you buy this course. If you're anxious to get started, check out The Photo Organizing Blueprint for Mac.

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